About Us

What we do…

At Forty Oaks Tree Service, we specialize in tree surgery and environmental arboriculture. We are highly experienced, extremely precise, safety-focused and very, very passionate about what we do!

A ‘tree surgeon’ is someone who is trained in the physical maintenance and manipulation of trees.

A person who practices or studies arboriculture can be termed an ‘arborist’ or an ‘arboriculturist’. Arboriculture is the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants.

What makes us different…

Nolan Heavenor is a Certified Utility Arborist with many years of experience serving both residential and commercial clients on and around Vancouver Island. He specializes in employing precision climbing techniques to both maintain and remove trees of all shapes and sizes.

Tree maintenance and removal jobs come with various challenges. Some are fairly straightforward and can be completed with minimal time, physical effort and tools. Others are extremely complicated and involve the implementation of precise techniques and require much more physical effort and time. Forty Oaks is confident in our ability to provide service for the “straightforward” trees and for those real “gnarly” buggers!!

Take a look at a part of this 70 foot Oak tree removal, using ropes and rigging to get the large branches down to the ground from over the house…

Nolan is extremely experienced with the intricacies of working around the power lines. He has spent many years providing contract emergency storm services to BC Hydro throughout Vancouver Island and the surrounding islands. This work includes removing large trees off of power lines, cable wires and houses.

Often, trees will grow into the utility/service wires going from the hydro pole to your home. This work should be performed by an experienced Certified Utility Arborist; someone who is specially trained to understand the power system and have the proper equipment to perform work within a certain proximity of those power lines. BC Hydro protocols

Care for people and our planet…

It is our mandate to provide our services with the least possible environmental impact. We use efficient tools and proudly employ precision climbing techniques. This allows us to offer competitive prices while maintaining the highest quality service and reducing our carbon footprint.

When tackling any tree job, we strive to offer our customers safe and efficient work at the lowest possible cost.

We are fully trained, experienced, certified and carry the most inclusive insurance for all work we perform. You can feel confident that when we are working on your property and near your home, your safety and the safety of your property is our number one priority.

Where you will find us…

We are currently in the process of moving our family out to the East Coast on Cape Breton Island in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia. We will re-open for business in the next year, once settled into our new community. We sincerely thank the Cowichan Valley for your loyal patronage over the past few years.

Our phone number will be updated